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League of Revolutionary Black Workers Documentary

The Rebellions in Ferguson and Baltimore have punctuated the Black Lives Matter Movement and given life to a new and vibrant anti-racist struggle. The urban rebellions of the 1960s had a similar impact on the movement at the time. On the heels of the 1967 uprising in Detroit emerged what was to become the League of Revolutionary Black Workers. The workers in the League were revolutionary marxists who believed that Black workers in particular had a unique interest in a socialist transformation of society as well as the social power to achieve it. The PSU ISO invites you to a showing of "Finally Got the News," a documentary about the League and its struggles for Black Liberation and workers' emancipation from capitalism. The story of the LRBW is inspiring and provides important political lessons for our fight for a world free of racism and all other forms of oppression.

Earlier Event: November 8
Northwest Marxism Confrence