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Beyond the Politics of Fear and Lesser Evils: Organizing a generation of socialist fighters for today

  • Portland State University 1825 Northeast Broadway Street Portland, OR, 97232 United States (map)

We're told that socialism is a dream, that we're naive to aspire to a more collectively organized and democratic society. We're told capitalism and our broken political system are the best we can hope for. But an end to sexism, racism, economic exploitation, imperialist war, and police violence are not unthinkable goals, and in the current political climate a lot of people are looking for serious alternatives. While the capitalist economic system is destroying the earth, both sides of the mainstream political establishment uphold the status quo; they pit us against each other and play on people's fears in order to garner support for the ruling class's agenda. We can aspire to and achieve something better. We can do more than just vote for the lesser evil, hoping that much-needed reforms be handed down from politicians on high. We can stand beside each other and fight collectively for a better world. Together, we can end oppression and liberate ourselves and the world around us. To do this we'll need to come together around a vision and a plan, so please join the Portland International Socialist Organization for our winter term kickoff, in a discussion on the theory, strategy, and tactics we'll need in order to realize a new world.

Thursday, Jan. 7th, 6:30 PM

PSU, Smith Student Union Room 333