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Anti-Imperialism and the Syrian Revolution

Portland State University
Smith Student Union Building, Room 294

Syria’s revolution and counter-revolution is now at the center of a growing inter-imperial antagonism between the US and Russia. Meanwhile, the embattled revolution is trapped between two forces of counter-revolution—on the one hand, Assad and his international and regional backers, and on the other Al-qaeda and ISIS. There has been much confusion on the left on this issue with some some supporting Assad and Putin against what they see as a fake revolution created by the US to enact regime change in Syria. Meanwhile liberals like Phyllis Bennis look to the UN and a diplomatic solution to bring peace. On the other hand, out of despair, Syrian solidarity activists are increasingly calling for the US to impose a No Fly Zone, a demand that is not only unlikely to be met, but could trigger an inter-imperial conflict between the US and Russia.

Our goal will be to clarify the history of what has happened in Syria against the distortion that this was a fake revolution orchestrated by the US. We will also argue that the task for the left is to oppose intervention by any of the imperialist and regional powers, reject the tyranny of the Assad regime itself, demand the opening of the borders to those fleeing the violence and chaos, collaborate with Syrian revolutionaries--and win people away from campism to the politics of international solidarity from below. 

We will also be discussing the upcoming NW Marxism Day School on November 12th. Last we will split into our routine working groups. 

All are welcome. 

Anti-Imperialism and the Syrian Revolution readings: