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Marxism Day School

There are 400 billionaires in this country. They are the reason why there are 47 million poor people. You cannot have untold, obscene wealth unless you have untold, obscene poverty. That is the law of capitalism. The alternative—socialism—was put at the center of U.S. politics by the campaign of Bernie Sanders, confirming again what people who protest for a living wage or stand up against police racism have been saying for years: The capitalist system isn't working, and we need an alternative. Whether or not the bigot Trump or the warmonger Clinton win the presidential election we are going to have to fight for a better world. 

Join the International Socialist Organization at our Northwest Marxism day school hosted at Portland State University to discuss and debate how we
can win that world.


  • Why the working class can change the world

  • Reform or Revolution: Can capitalism evolve towards Socialism?

  • What next for the Left after the election?

Portland State University
Smith Student Union Building
Room 296