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Imperialism, War & The Fight for a Socialist Future

  • Portland State University 1825 Southwest Broadway Portland, OR, 97201 United States (map)

PSU Smith Student Union Building
Room 338

Speaker: Phil Gasper is a philosophy professor in Madison, Wisconsin and the editor of The Communist Manifesto: A Road Map to History’s Most Important Political Document

The capitalist system has from its beginning driven nation states to war for profit and empire. Today capitalist powers and their states compete with each other to divide the world into spheres of influence. This inter-imperial rivalry is the root cause of the wars that have wracked the system from the First World War to Bush’s Iraq War and Obama’s drone war to the horror being visited on the Syria people today by international powers and the Syrian State.

Marxists believe that international solidarity against war and national oppression is the duty of all genuine revolutionaries. It is part of the struggle to unite the global working class against our common exploiters and oppressors.

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