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Portland to Chicago: Socialism 2016

The popularity of Bernie Sanders’ campaign shows that many people are seeking out an alternative to capitalism and are for the first time embracing socialism. Socialism 2016 is a four-day conference held on July 1-4 in Chicago which brings together over a thousand people from around the country to learn about the real Marxist tradition of “socialism from below,” the fight for women’s liberation, the history and politics of Black liberation, the relationship between capitalism and climate change, and discuss and debate strategy for organizing today. 

Members of the Portland International Socialist Organization, allies, and friends in Portland will be attending the conference this year. If you are interested in learning more about the conference please visit and message the event planners for more information!

We hope you can join us!
Socialism 2016 will feature over 140 meetings on topics such as…
From #BlackLivesMatter to Black liberation • Sexuality and socialism: The theory and politics of LGBTQ liberation • Can America go socialist? • The hidden history of multiracial workers’ struggles in the United States • How Marx became a Marxist • Israel: Apartheid state • Land grabs and Big Oil: The looting of Africa • Eugene Debs and the US socialist tradition • Trump and the rise of right-wing populism • Introduction to social reproduction theory • China on strike: Narratives of workers’ resistance • A people’s art history of the US • Missouri, football, race, and revolt • and many more!
Some of our Speakers at Socialism 2016:

Adam and Jeralynn Blueford • Gilbert Achcar • Mike Davis • Barbara Ransby • Sharon Smith • Anthony Arnove • Ian Angus • Sam Farber • Eli Friedman • Justin Akers Chacón • Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor • Paul D’Amato • Khury Petersen-Smith • Amy Goodman • Neil Davidson • Lester Spence • Jesse Hagopian • Tithi Bhattacharya • Brian Jones • Alan Maass • Nicole Colson • Scott McLemee • Donna Murch • Bill Mullen • Danny Katch • Jennifer Roesch • Jon Soske • Ahmed Shawki • Charlotte Bence • John Riddell • Bhaskar Sunkara • Sherry Wolf • Dave Zirin • Dan Georgakas • Marvin Surkin