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Can the Police be Reformed? A Public Meeting of the Portland ISO

From Baton Rouge to Portland, people around the nation have taken to the streets in protest of yet more racist police murders like those of#AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile.

Meanwhile there is a campaign underway to use the killing of police in Dallas to vilify the #BlackLivesMatter movement and rehabilitate the image of the police.

Yet racist murders by police are set to surpass last year's numbers despite the spotlight that the #BLM movement has cast on police brutality. This has raised questions about the nature and role of the police: Who do they Serve? What is their role in society? Can they be reformed so as to genuinely serve and protect the communities they patrol, instead of treating them like occupied territory? What will it take to end racist police violence?

Join the Portland ISO for a discussion about the origins of the police and their relationship to racism, class struggle, and capitalism.

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