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Fight the Right: Build the Socialist Movement

Location: Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 338

The electoral "victory" of Donald Trump has come as a shock to many. And his incoming cabinet of hard-line, right-wing troglodytes should dispel any myths that Trump's overtures to the vilest of racists, corporate hacks, and warmongers were mere campaign posturing. In fact, Trump and the Right are poised to wage attacks on immigrants, Muslims, women, union workers, and others in the coming year, all the while lavishing big business with tax breaks and cutting essential services for the poor and working class. But the crisis in neoliberalism that created the conditions for the rise of Trump and his repulsive bigotry has also opened up large swaths of people to the ideas of socialism, especially around the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. A socialist world based on human need and is certainly more desirable than the nightmare of scapegoating and jingoism that Trump would like us to live in. And the best way to fight Trump and the Right is to join the socialist movement and be a part of building a strong, independent Left. Come to discuss the prospects of fighting against Trump and the Right, while pointing to a socialist world free of the war, oppression, and destitution of capitalism.

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