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Stop the War on Women!

  • Portland State University 1825 Southwest Broadway Portland, OR, 97201 United States (map)

THE ELECTION of Donald Trump sent shock waves
across the country--especially for women.

Trump campaigned on defunding Planned Parent-
hood at the federal level as long as they perform abortions, and is now trying to make good on those promises. In April, Trump signed a law giving states the option to deny Title X funding to Planned Parenthood and other health care clinics that provide abortions.

Trump has emboldened Republican politicians to
wage state-level legislative attacks on women's
reproductive rights and has also given confidence to right-wing activists that target and harass women who use these clinics.

The contradiction we face is that there is a mass
desire to resist but without resistance organizations.
A key task for feminists today is to learn from this
history and build the type of organizations that can
pose a lasting challenge to the backlash and those
who benefit from its acceleration.

Come and join the Portland State International Socialist Organization in this discussion of the current war on women, the lessons of the history of the struggle for women’s rights and the lessons we can use today.

PSU, Cramer Hall, Room 171

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