How We Won and Defended the Right to Choose

We do not yet know our history. We do not yet know what it took to win these rights. We must learn that history. This is not a new fight. 
There is a new generation in this fight. We have been disarmed.
We must arm ourselves with our history, with our solidarity, with politics.
-Sherry Wolf, author of Sexuality and Socialism: History, Politics
and Theory of LGBT Liberation

In order to understand how a new movement for women's rights and reproductive justice can confront the right-wing anti-choice movement and start winning political battles it's critical to look at the history of how the Women's Liberation movement won the right to abortion in the first place, and how it was successfully defended in the decades that follow. We have to understand the shift in the political strategy of our side which made it possible for the conservative onslaught against women's bodily autonomy to advance so far over the last few decades. Join the PSU International Socialist Organization for a presentation and discussion on this critical history and the lessons it has to offer us for moving forward.

Presentation followed by discussion.
All are welcome.

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