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Don't Bomb Syria! Let the Refugees In!

  • PSU - Smith Student Union, RM 026 1825 Southwest Broadway Portland, OR, 97201 United States (map)

Speaker: Wael Elasady is a Syrian-Palestinian co-founder of Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights and long time member of the International Socialist Organization

Trump slaughtered 100 Syrians last week when he bombed Raqqa. He has whipped up the most racist Islamophobic campaign against Syrian refugees. The idea that he or the American state, which has devastated the region, care in any way about the butcher Assad's crimes against Syrians would be laughable if what has befallen the Syrian people was not so tragic. 

A dangerous escalation of more bombs by the US (let's remember the US has been bombing Syria for two years, today it's just a different target) will do nothing but compound the misery the Syrian people have faced at the hands of Assad and his allies and the hands of ISIS and other reactionaries. We need an antiwar movement in this country that understands that opposing US imperialism does not mean whitewashing the crimes of Assad or his Russian backers. 

Syrians Need Solidarity, Not Bombs. Let the Refugees In. Say no to war on Syria. No to Trump's bombs, No to Russian Bombs, No to Assad's Brutal repression. Neither Washington Nor Moscow but International Solidarity from Below!

This week's meeting will be a presentation and discussion on the crisis in Syria. It is vital that we educate ourselves and organize in solidarity with the people of Syria as we fight for their right to self-determination. 

The meeting will be held in room 026, which is in the basement of the Smith Memorial Student Union. All are welcome.

Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 026, Portland State University