Socialist Worker

For up-to-date news and a socialist analysis of events, read the ISO’s newspaper Socialist Worker.

Haymarket Books

Haymarket Books is a non-profit, progressive book distributor and publisher, a project of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change. We believe that activists need to take ideas, history and politics into the many struggles for social justice today. Learning the lessons of past victories as well as defeats can arm a new generation of fighters for a better world. As Karl Marx said, “The philosophers have merely interpreted the world; the point however is to change it.”

International Socialist Review

The International Socialist Review is a bimonthly journal of revolutionary Marxism published by the Center for Economic Research and Social Change (a non-profit educational foundation). Read selections from the current issue, view the contents of past issues and subscribe.

We Are Many

We Are Many is a collection of audio and video of speeches by leading figures in the struggle for a better world.